Monthly Archives: September 2013

Working with PDF RichMedia annotations

RichMedia annotations can be used to embed videos and sound files in PDF documents. When opened in a compliant reader, the user can play them back directly as part of the page content, usually by just clicking on the video. This blog will examine how a RichMedia annotation is embedded in PDF, how PDFNet can be used to extract and create the movie data for playback.

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All About PDF/A

What is PDF/A?

PDF/A (as in Archive) is a special variant of PDF that has been designed specifically for long term document preservation. Initially released in 2005 and based on PDF 1.4, the specification’s goal was to create a format that can be reliably rendered on any system when opened with a compliant viewer. PDF itself did not meet this criteria because PDF documents can contain elements which are not reliably rendered because their appearance can change based on the viewer, host operating system, or state of the PDF itself. Some examples include PDF documents that do not embed their fonts and instead hope that the viewing systems have them, documents that use device dependent color, documents that are encrypted, and documents that contain dynamic content such as JavaScript and 3D. PDF/A was developed to solve these problems.

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