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Cross-Platform Word to PDF Conversion

View and Convert Microsoft Word Documents Anywhere

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of the newest addition to PDFNet SDK: built-in Word conversion.  Now you can go straight from .docx to .pdf,  free from the shackles of Microsoft Word or any other 3rd party software.  Conversions are accurate and fast; they also work on any platform supported by PDFNet SDK  (and there are a lot of them! see the SDK download page for more details).

docx. It took a long time to get the text to flow around shapes correctly in the docx engine.

Dependency-free Word conversion enables a couple of great use cases: you can  perform reliable conversions in a server environment, or pair it with our PDF Viewer for seamless viewing of .docx files on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone/RT.

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PDF SDK bindings for PHP, Python, and Ruby

PDFTron open sources PDFNet language bindings for PHP, Python, and Ruby.

We are happy to announce that the source code for the PHP, Python, and Ruby bindings for PDFNet are now open source.

This is in response to many PDFNet customers needing support for specific language versions. Previously, PDFTron’s pre-compiled bindings supported only specific versions of these languages (specifically PHP 5.3, Python 2.7/3.2, and Ruby 1.9). It was clear that PDFNet users required more flexibility to support different languages, versions, and system configurations.

By open sourcing PDFNet SWIG bindings, PDFTron clients are now in full control over programming languages, platforms, and environments used in their solutions.

Besides using PDFNet with PHP, Python, and Ruby, the provided interface files can be used as a template to interface PDFNet with other programming languages (such as Lua, Go, Mono, D, Perl, R, Ocaml, and other languages supported by SWIG).

To get started, please follow the instructions provided in the README.txt. We welcome community feedback, pull requests, and additional language extensions.

PDFNet SWIG Project on GitHub:

PDFTron to Present at PDF Association’s Technical Conference 2013

PDFTron will be sending representatives to the PDF Association’s Technical Conference North America 2013 in Seattle from August 14-15. The conference will be a gathering of PDF industry professionals with educational sessions in two tracks over two days. We will be giving a talk on PDF rendering and viewing on mobile devices and the web. We will also attend PDF/A day on August 16th.

See you there!